Sport and Recreation Alliance #RightToBeActive​ Petition

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Sport and Recreation Alliance #RightToBeActive​ Petition

Back in September we shared with you 2 fantastic initiatives that were announced at the Sport and Recreation Alliance Conference 2018.

The event consisted of Guest Keynote Speakers, Interactive Panel Discussions, the Annual General Meeting and the Autumn Divisional Meetings – where members from different divisions could focus on issues relevant to likeminded organisations.

Throughout the day attendees were introduced to two major initiatives: Do It – Join In and The #RightToBeActive Petition.

Sport and Recreation Alliance’s petition calls for UK Government to give every child the fundamental #RightToBeActive by: Establishing a new law requiring councils to provide all children with the opportunity to be active, Creating a long-term, properly funded and child-focussed strategy to transform the physical and mental wellbeing of our children and Introducing new legislation to make it a requirement for government ministers and public bodies to put the United Nations Rights of the Child, the right to play and lead a healthy life, at the heart of decision making.

It’s an important initiative that aims to create a bright and healthy future for children in UK.

Since the petition was created it has gained over 1500 signatures from people who are ready to see a change. However Sport and Recreation Alliance still need more support to reach their 2500 signature goal.

To find out more and sign the petition visit: #RightToBeActive​

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