Why to join the UKCA?!

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Why to join the UKCA?!

By joining the UKCA you can help the progress and development of Cheerleading! Coaches who become members of the UKCA will be bale to develop their teams as well as their own knowledge and skills.


Throughout the year we host a wide range of Cheer competitions, these thrilling and exciting events encourage everyone to take part and demonstrate a high level of skill. All Cheerleaders will receive a commemorative medal and certificate. Teams in 1st through to 3rd place in all Categories and Divisions will be awarded trophies.

Read more about our competitions by going to: https://ukca.org.uk/about-our-competitions/
View a list of our upcoming competitions: https://ukca.org.uk/upcoming-competitions/


We also host plenty of Cheer courses throughout the year, each course is run by fully qualified instructors and we ensure everyone who attends finished the day feeling confident and inspired. No matter if you’re starting from scratch or looking to improve your existing skills we can help you reach your goal. Once you have attended a course and it has been satisfactorily completed you will receive a UKCA certificate of qualification.

Read more about our courses by going to: https://ukca.org.uk/education/about-our-courses/
View a list of our upcoming courses: https://ukca.org.uk/education/upcoming-courses/

Need help finding a course near you? You can use our online course finder to narrow down the closest courses to you. Go to: https://ukca.org.uk/education/course-finder/

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