Concussion Awareness

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Concussion Awareness

The UKCA prioritise the health and safety of all participants at all times.

What is a concussion?

A concussion is an injury to the brain usually caused by hitting your head or falling. It can happen at any point, if you take part in sports or in a school playground or at home. A concussion can happen when colliding with another player during a sports game or falling off a bike. It can also be called a mild traumatic brain injury and the duration for you or someone else to recover from this can vary greatly.

Most people who have had or have concussion can be back to normal by three months or sooner. A suspected concussion should always be reported to a teacher, parent, coach or referee immediately. The person should stop what they are doing and not continue until they have been seen by a doctor.

Here are a few helpful signs and symptoms of a concussion

There are many different signs that can link to a concussion, these being

* Headaches
* Weakness
* Numbness
* Decreased coordination or balance
* Confusion
* Nausea
* Slurred speech
* Vomiting

Any of these following symptoms can also indicate concussion:

* Loss of consciousness or responsiveness
* Lying motionless on the ground/Slow to get up
* Unsteady on feet/Balance problems or falling over/Incoordination
* Grabbing/Clutching of head
* Dazed, blank or vacant look
* Confused/Not aware of plays or event

To read more about this click here to download an article on The Importance of being Concussion Aware.

Concussion is a serious injury and it is important that you look out for the signs and take the correct precautions after the fall to ensure the safety of the athlete.

Children can now find out more about concussion online, this helpful quiz by CCEA will help them find out how much they already know and build their knowledge about common head injuries. Visit: to find out more.

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