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Book on a 2017 course!

Interested in taking part in a course? Our courses are designed to assist and encourage the development of all attendees. All the courses are run by a fully qualified instructor and we ensure that each person who attends will finish the day feeling confident and inspired.

Our courses cover:

– Cheerleading
– Street Cheer
– Tumbling
– Leadership
– Judging
– Event Officials
– Volunteering
– Safeguarding
– Sports Injuries
– Psychology
– Lifestyles

Once you have attended a course and its has been completed to a satisfactory level you will then receive a UKCA Certificate of Qualification. This certificate will allow you to further your development in your chosen area and Lead/Coach others.

You can view all our upcoming courses by going to where you will find the course date, place and time.

Not sure which course is right for you? You can use our online course finder by visiting: just follow the steps in the form and a list of your eligible courses will be displayed.

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