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A DBS check is a service that allows employers to access the criminal record history of people working, or seeking to work, in certain positions, especially those that involve working with Children or Adults in specific situations.

A person will require a DBS check if they apply for:

– A certain job or voluntary work e.g working with children or in healthcare
– To foster or adopt a child

There are three types of check. The employer or organisation running the check should provide the applicant with more information about the level of check required.

The three DBS levels are:


This checks for spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings.


This includes the same as the standard checks plus any additional information held by local police.

Enhanced with list checks:

This is like the enhanced check, but includes a check of the DBS barred lists.

If you require a DBS check or would like more information about eligibility and pricing you can visit https://www.disclosureservices.com/

UKCA is only passing along this helpful information and assumes no liability for you proceeding with the process detailed on this website.

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