Come to a 2017 competition!

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Come to a 2017 competition!

Did you enjoy our Winter Championships competition last weekend? UKCA competitions are thrilling and exciting events where everyone is encouraged to take part! Cheerleaders demonstrate a high technical standard and have loads of fun! UKCA utilise the very best quality sound, lighting and equipment to make our competitions a sporting spectacle.

Spectators and competitors alike enjoy fantastic surroundings and excellent facilities in a safe, secure and organised environment. A variety of food, drink and merchandise are always available throughout our events.

If you are interested in attending one of our annual competitions you can view our upcoming 2017 events on our website, go to: to find out more information.

For anyone who maybe considering joining a course but is unsure of which to choose, you can use the UKCA online course finder to find a course close to you or use the UKCA education pathway to help narrow down the best course suited for you! Visit: /

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