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Fundraising “fun”

Raising money for good causes is a lot more fun when you do it with friends.

Why “Lifeboats”? over the summer they were in the news – a lot, sadly not all the stories had a happy ending. The sad loss of life at Camber Sands of the 5 young men playing football that got caught out by the tide, plus the many events of lifeboat crew saving tourist getting into bother in unfamiliar surroundings – 1 woman had to be rescued 3 times in 4 days after ignoring warnings!

The RNLI provides a 24 hr lifeboat search and rescue service around the whole UK and Ireland – they even have a boat on the Thames full time. All their funding comes from Charity events.

So we decided to take up the RNLI 10 day H2Only challenge. We gave up our favourite drinks, no morning coffee, no afternoon tea, Pepsi, soft drinks and NO evening glass of wine. It was much harder than any of use realised. Initially the lack of caffeine gave us headaches, but they passed. The hardest part was the lack of flavour – water is pretty boring day after day. Carla decided to try to add a little flavour by adding a slice of lemon until she realised it was against the rules and had to pay a fine!

At the end we were so proud of ourselves, we supported each other when it got tough and made each other laugh when we thought about giving up – much the same as you would in your cheer squad.

Just goes to show what you can do when you put your minds to it especially when you do it with friends and team members.

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