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Feeling Inspired? Get Involved

It’s been a busy first half of 2016 at UKCA. We’ve held 4 competitions and most recently we were lucky enough to go to the European Cheerleading Championships in Koper, Slovenia where the UK teams were phenomenal. We’ve also held a whole host of courses across the country that have helped our future cheerleaders progress their skills. The outstanding start to the year has us feeling very inspired about the future and we are sure you are too.

There is plenty to get involved in at the UKCA that not only help to progress your career within the sport, but also have benefits beyond Cheerleading. We’ve put together a quick list of just some of the things you can throw yourself into with the UKCA if you’re feeling inspired too!


Joining the UKCA today will help you progress and develop in the sport of Cheerleading, whatever your chosen area. Coaches who become members of the UKCA will be able to develop their teams as well as their own knowledge and contact base. To become a member of the UKCa visit: https://ukca.org.uk/members/become-a-member/


UKCA competitions are thrilling and exciting events where everyone is encouraged to take part, demonstrate a high level of skill and have fun! We utilise the very best quality sound, lighting and equipment in some of the most outstanding sports venues in the UK and Northern Ireland. The next UKCA competition is the Winter Cheerleading Championships 2016 on 3 & 4th December and entries are open NOW: https://ukca.org.uk/upcoming-competitions/


Official UKCA Courses allow you to take your game to the next level by learning new skills in a fun and friendly environment. You can find a list of our Upcoming Courses at https://ukca.org.uk/education/upcoming-courses/ or you can use the UKCA Course Finder to help you find the right course for you – https://ukca.org.uk/education/course-finder/.


UKCA is a not for profit organisation that relies upon its Volunteers, who provide a valuable service and support network to Cheerleaders, Coaches, Teachers, Parents, Loyal Supporters. Becoming a Volunteer offers many benefits including Skill development, Qualifications, Not to mention fantastic fun, valuable experience and exciting new challenges! You can find out more about becoming a UKCA Volunteer here: https://ukca.org.uk/members/volunteers/

Become a Judge

Becoming a judge for our competitions offers several benefits. Career progression, knowledge and experience are all advantages as well as a great sense of achievement. Judging UK based competitions will give you excellent experience and can lead to judging competitions overseas. For more information about becoming a UKCA judge please visit: https://ukca.org.uk/education/judging/.

Plenty to get stuck into! We can’t wait to see you soon!


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