Setting Up A UKCA Club

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Setting Up A UKCA Club


Setting up a Cheerleading Club is one of the most rewarding areas of the sport. It will allow you to provide extra sporting and social opportunities to your local community whilst you and your squad develop as athletes and people, together.

Here is a brief overview of setting up a UKCA Club.

To be eligible to set-up an official UKCA Club you must be a qualified Cheerleading Coach and whilst it is not mandatory we suggest that coaches should seek to be aware of developments within the Sport of Cheerleading and are encouraged to seek opportunities for personal development.

Further requirements include:

• Insurance which all Coaches should have
• DBS Certificate
• First Aid Certificate

Once you have all of your formal personal documentation needed to set-up a Club then think about your Club’s Structure:

• Have a Constitution
• Are you going to run the Club/Squad as a sole trader or elect a committee before coaching begins or will this evolve over time?
• Will you need to find Volunteers to help?

Before your Coaching begins:

• Find a Venue
• Confirm times
• Market the Club

If you are struggling with setting up your Club/Squad or want to read our more in depth overview of Club Set-Up, you can visit for more information about all the listed points above and more.

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