A Snap Shot Of The Maddison’s & UKCA Midlands Competition

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A Snap Shot Of The Maddison’s & UKCA Midlands Competition




Our dedicated UKCA member, Lisa attended one of our competitions and she had this to say,

The Maddison’s & UKCA Midlands Competition was our first ever competition and an attempt to introduce our teams, their parents and our supporters to what a Cheer comp is all about, well it couldn’t have gone any better we took 100 spectators and 39 Cheerleaders! Our parents turned up in Cheer tee’s, every parent had made banners, boards and some had even bought their own poms to cheer us on, They had been practicing the chants and cheered on EVERY team with the UKCA ‘we are proud of you’ As a club we really do stick to the tag line ‘the sport of smiles’ and we saw this echoed 100% yesterday ! We were made to feel so welcome and all my cheerleaders had an amazing time. LA Academy walked away with 1, 2nd place 2, 4th places and the Spirit Trophy !! An amazing day had by all!

Even the parents commented on our success,

‘Amazing how we are allow to get involved and enjoy the day with the children, I love Cheerleading’
‘I couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was, and the noise, wow not what I expected but amazing and I enjoyed every minute’

We can’t wait to see you at the next event.


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