Cedars Academy Basic Cheer Skills Course

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Cedars Academy Basic Cheer Skills Course

Are you thinking about engaging with one of our available Cheerleading courses?

Well if so, here is a fantastic sneak peak at what goes on at our course based events! We have some behind the scenes footage from the Level 2 Cheerleading Basic Skills @ Cedars Academy – Basic Cheer Skills Course on 28th October in Bedfordshire.Β Our courses can range through from small teams to larger groups of Cheerleaders and coaches. It simply depends on the area and which course we are running. As you can see from these photos this was a rather busy course! However, this does not mean that you will miss out being in a large group, as during all courses we help and guide our Cheerleaders to make sure that everybody is at the same level. Instead, this just means that you have the opportunity to meet more Cheerers!

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Courses are a fantastic way to broaden your skills and learn more moves which can be incorporated into routines with your squad, or alone. You will also be able to help others on your team due to the extra training which you have received. It is always best to keep up with your training and skills with us here at The UKCA, as it will work to enhance your talents within Cheerleading.

Overall, we highly suggest you sign up to our courses to keep your moves as fresh as possible. It is also a fantastic way to move and progress into different areas of Cheering. For example, if you specialise in pom dance but would like to move into street cheer, then you can use our courses to your advantage to do so!


So don’t just take our word for it, take a look at these pictures and get involved in the fun coming to you soon!

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