Are You In A University Squad?

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Are You In A University Squad?

Cheerleading at University is a popular hobby for many Cheerers who begin at an early stage. Although, there are many University Cheerers who are new to the sport. Cheerleading is a great society to join whilst studying at University (we would highly recommend it), it’s a great fun sport to keep you healthy and is a brilliant way to meet people and make friends!

If you are a member of your University Cheer squad then why not speak to your Student Union, and see if you are also involved with The UKCA? It is a great opportunity to work with us here at The UKCA, and to get your University Cheer Team involved with what we do. This also opens up a whole new avenue of competitions and events to get your squad involved with!


So, whether you are studying in the North, the Midlands or the South then you could easily get your team involved. Registration with The UKCA is FREE so you need not worry about having to pay! We understand that students can struggle financially and we appreciate that. Perhaps you and your team could see what events are happening near you and organise for your team to attend.

Encouraging your University Cheer Squad to join up with The UKCA is a fantastic way to boost your teams activities, you could hold fantastic University events in conjunction with our competition weekends! We love to meet new members and it would be fantastic to have more squads involved! Contact us on 01625 838557 if you would like to discuss getting involved with us further or simply email

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