It’s Time To Vote

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It’s Time To Vote

This year has been a very busy year for UKCA and all of the volunteers and coaches involved. Our courses have been in high demand, we’ve held more fantastic competitions than ever and we’ve even hosted the European Cheerleading Championships in Manchester. It’s been a truly special year indeed.

As we tumble on into September it’s that time of year for us to start thinking about acknowledging the people who make all of our events, courses and training possible.


Below are the voting forms for the “UKCA Young Volunteer of the Year” and the “UKCA Street Cheer Coach of the Year” awards. If you think one of the volunteers or street cheer coaches you know is worthy of winning our annual awards, make sure you get their nomination in before the voting closes on 31st October 2014.

Young Volunteer of the Year Award

Vote for the Young Volunteer of the Year Award here.

  • Please enter a short paragraph as to why you think this coach should be put forward for the Young Volunteer of the Year Award.

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