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At The UK Cheerleading Association we strive for the best. By doing this we allow all of our members to upgrade their skills as and when they would like to.

There are many different levels of Cheerleading ranging through pom dance to street cheer. So, no matter which area of cheer you are interested or more passionate about, we can help you to focus your skills on your area of expertise.


Our course finder hereΒ easily allows you to source the classes and activities in your desired location. You can also see the existing course dates here.Β With courses running throughout the UK from Manchester to Leighton Buzzard there is sure to be a class near you!

The courses that we run are not just relevant to Cheerleaders alone, but to coaches as well! Are you a committed Cheerer in your area? Maybe you have considered becoming a coach? If so, why not see where our coaching classes are next running? You could end up in a position where you are able to run your own cheer class. You could even end up coaching your very own Cheer squad! This is a great opportunity to broaden your skills and involve others in a rewarding team activity!

As you increase your skill set throughout the training process and by involving yourself in our courses then you can soon reach higher levels elsewhere in Cheerleading. The more courses which you successfully complete, along with the many certificates which you will receive, will eventually mean that you can compete at higher levels. With the Winter Championships fast approaching wouldn’t you like to compete at a higher level in this competition?

Don’t forget – The UKCA Winter Championships are running on the 6th & the 7th of December 2014!


This is the perfect time to get involved with our courses to allow you to really push yourself in our next competition. Go on, raise the bar and we’ll raise the roof this December!

Make sure you contact us via our course finder here. And don’t forget to book your tickets for the Winter Championships here. We can’t wait to see you in December!

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