Update from Vicky

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Update from Vicky

Vicky is now at Nationals but before she left she sent us a quick update to let us know about her big win the week before at Simister and Prestwich, where she walked away with two 1st place positions and then the Championship!

We’ve had such a lovely time watching Vicky’s adventures over the past few months! She really is an incredible inspirational to us all. Her talent, commitment and tenacity is a very special quality. 

Thank you to everyone who has kept up with her progress and focused on her growth and acknowledged her development, not only in her equestrian based activities but her involvement within The UKCA.

Vicky was of course out to give 100% help at the National Schools Championships in June and the European Cheerleading Championships in July. Known eel within the organisation as a lovely bubbly character we wish her all the best.

We are right behind you Vicky!

You can learn more about Vicky’s struggle and how you can help here

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