UKCA Northern Ireland at 2013 World Police & Fire Games

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UKCA Northern Ireland at 2013 World Police & Fire Games

UKCA Northern Ireland made a huge impact at the the 2013 World Police & Fire Games hosted by Belfast City this August.

Following the opening ceremony the home nation Facebook page received 1 short of 2000 hits. The participation and end result of a televised showcase by our local cheerleaders topped by officially leading 500 athletes from team Canada out in the opening ceremony was an amazing opportunity to promote our sport of smiles and that it most certainly did.


Following weeks of preparation and a wash out rehearsal the opening ceremony day dawned with lots of sunshine much to the delight of all our foreign visitors and athletes.

Nerves were very obvious as the cheerleaders entered the huge holding arena where the thousands of athletes were gathered awaiting the official start. All eyes were on the cheerleaders and true to form and led by national coach, Karen Graham, the team started to chant a spirit raiser to all athletes. The stadium was electric and hair raised on arms as every individual rose to the challenge. What an experience is was and we will never forget it.

UKCA NI and Team Canada

The squad led team Canada into the public arena as proud onlookers, parents and coach watched on the huge outdoor screen as the event was televised. The cheerleaders were fantastic. Texts, tweets and other messages of support came flooding through as the images from the stadium were televised around the world.

This set the scene for the showcase that followed and it blew the crowds away. The experience reduced the team and parents to tears of pride and joy.

Many enquiries are now flooding to the home nation representative for new recruits to start in our dynamic sport. The inclusion of mature ladies on the showcase has certainly prompted over 18’s to enquire about classes.

UKCA NI on stage

A big thank you must be said to the 20 cheerleaders who volunteered from six local clubs and were fabulous ambassadors not only for cheerleading but for Northern Ireland.

UKCA Northern Ireland delivered a quality service and cleverly represented a team showing the wide diversity of ages and levels from teenies to master and level 2-4.

We are proud of YOU!

The next BIG event to come to Belfast will be Dance Fusion with international guests…watch this space!

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