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Great Little Britons

Did you catch the Sky 1 show, Great Little Britons? You may have noticed some familiar faces in last Thursday’s show.

Great Little Britons was a series of six one-off documentaries shining a light on some of the nation’s most dedicated perfectionists. Be it profession or hobby, the show examines those who strive for excellence in their chosen pursuit, as they compete to be winners in their field.


Sky auditioned teams from all over the country to find the best cheer team for the show and chose the Bullettes from Panache Cheer school to be the stars of the show. It followed the team through their tough training regime led by Head Coach, Robyn Morrison. The team auditioned for new members into their elite squad and will be entering the UKCA Winter Open Pom Dance Championships in November.

We are thrilled to have one of our teams featured on the television showing the hard work and dedication that all cheerleaders put into their craft. There was even a cameo from our resident compère, DJ Caino!

Congratulations to all the Panache Cheerleaders and staff!

We are proud of you. We say we are proud of you!

If you missed the episode, you can catch up with SkyGo! just click here.

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