Fund Raising at UKCA

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Fund Raising at UKCA

Our events are fun and exciting for all involved. Everyone supports each other and the atmosphere is always electric! But the UKCA is about so much more.

We encourage our members and friends to support not just each other, but good causes too. Last year we supported a little boy called AJ. He suffers with Cerebral Palsy and was unable to walk without assistance. We helped to raise money for him to have an operation he so desperately needed. This year, he is here at the competition and walking around the velodrome!

AJ With His Mum

UKCA AJ choosing sweets

UKCA AJ with sweets
AJ was very pleased to select some sweeties from our stand!

This year, we are supporting a young man called Marley. Marley also suffers wit Cerebral Palsy and his family need to raise money for an operation and physiotherapy.

UKCA Family shot
Marley and AJ had a lovely time watching the competition together with their families.

Marley & Family

UKCA group shot Marley Collection

Today, some of the girls from Sporting Dynamites have been moving through the crowd raising money for this amazing cause. You can find out more and make a donation here.

Everyone here at the UKCA is proud to support these amazing causes. Please help us to make a difference.

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