Bucks Secondary Schools Cheerleading Competition

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Bucks Competition

Bucks Secondary Schools Cheerleading Competition

A recent Competition held in Buckinghamshire. Thanks to Emma Maidwell for the following information…

Last Thursday afternoon saw around 150 young cheerleaders take part in a breath-taking display of Jumps, Stunts, Cheers and Chants at the annual ‘Bucks Secondary Schools Cheerleading Competition’ at Sir William Ramsay School. The event was hosted by the award winning Kobika Starlites.

All of the school squads have been training and practicing really hard over the last few months and along with their coaches put together some fantastic routines which kept the crowds completely enthralled.

Cheer comp 2013

Organiser and Coach, Katie Cobie said, ‘Due to the success of this event we decided to split the competition into 3 levels so that the more experienced squads competed at Level 3 and the newer squads at level 1. The independent judges had a hard task when making their final decisions but were very impressed with the professionalism and the skill of each competing squad’
Coach Bev Smith added ‘It is fantastic to be involved in something like this. All of the teams coming together and being given a chance to showcase their skills is amazing. Every squad did themselves proud and I can’t wait to get back and start working on new stunts and routines for next year!

If cheerleading is something that you think your school would like to get involved in, you can read more about it at www.kobikastarlites.co.uk

The final results of the competition were as follows:-
Level 3
1st Wycombe High Flyers, 2nd Borlase Blaze, 3rd Great Marlow Jaguars
Level 2
1st Wycombe High Flyers, 2nd Holmer Green Emeralds, 3rd Sir William Ramsay Sapphires
Level 1
1st Wycombe High Flyers, 2nd Great Marlow Jaguars, 3rd St Michaels Flames

A huge well done from the UKCA team to everybody who was a part of this fantastic competition.

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