And The Spirit Award Goes To…

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And The Spirit Award Goes To…

As you may know, one of the most important awards presented at our events is the Spirit Award. At UKCA we encourage team spirit and at every UKCA competition we present our Spirit Award Trophies to the teams who demonstrate the values of Team Spirit.

It is our goal to develop a sport that promotes support for all teams and encourages participants to perfect their performance.

Our spring nationals event at the Manchester Velodrome saw a roaring crowd and teams who showed true spirit! It was a very difficult decision for the judges to make.

Saturday’s insure4sport Spirit Award went to The Pioneers!

IMG_4533 2

Sunday’s Milano Spirit Award Also went to The Pioneers!

IMG_5174 2

The Pioneers and their supporters showed exemplary spirit. They cheered for 2 days straight and supported each and every performance. A huge well done to the Pioneers!

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