Cancer Focus Cheering Flash Mob: Spoiler Alert!

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Cancer Focus Cheering Flash Mob: Spoiler Alert!

Some of you might have already heard the exciting news that Cancer Focus are holding a Flash Mob this Saturday 2nd March at 2:30pm in Corn Market, Belfast, to encourage shoppers to run the Belfast Marathon for Cancer Focus in 2013.

For those of you that don’t know what a flash mob is, here are a couple of videos to give you an idea. This one happened in Central Station, Belfast and this one you might have seen on a TV advert for T mobile.

We have a team of 40 dancers performing a routine who are all part of the UK Cheerleading Association. One of the dancers will start performing to a music medley and gradually more and more cheerleaders/dancers will join in from the crowds of shoppers/coffee dancers/onlookers. It will last approx 5mins and there’ll be some low-level cheerleading stunts included! The mob is going to be filmed by a company who will record the dancers as well as onlookers reactions. We’ll be uploading it to youtube and sharing it on Facebook on Saturday. Please help it go viral by ‘liking’ it and sharing it on facebook, or emailing it to your friends.

But we need a bit of help! After the mob have finished dancing we are going to hand out our Marathon foot flyers so we need as many volunteers as possible to blast the crowd before they disperse. Could you please (and your husband/wive/children!) spare 30mins this Saturday afternoon to watch the mob, hand out the flyers and help is collect any flyers left behind? That’s all we need and then you’re free to go! You could incorporate it into a days shopping J This is going to be a really fun event so please get involved! The dance is starting at 2:30pm and you would be finished at 3pm

If you are free, please let me know ASAP, Thursday 28th Feb at the latest, so we know to expect you and can forward any organisational details.

This wouldn’t have been possible without Karen Graham, UK Cheerleading Assoc NI Rep, cheerleading Tutor and coach, and our lovely admin assistant, who put forward her hard working squads to be the cheering faces of Cancer Focus’ flash mob and has brought cheer to a few of our fundraising events! Thank you!

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