Rawtenstall School is the Cat’s Whiskers!

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Rawtenstall School is the Cat’s Whiskers!

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A Rawtenstall school has won a prestigious national cheerleading competition for the 15th year in a row

Cheerleading squad from Alder Grange in Rawtenstall
Celebrating success: Alder Grange cheerleading squad

Alder Grange Cats entered the UKCA (UK Cheerleading Association) National Schools Championship competition for the 15th year running, which was held at Manchester velodrome.

The girls participated in various categories including cheerleading, street-cheer and pom dancing, with the cheerleading group landing first place.

Vanessa Holland, Head of PE at Alder Grange, said: “It was an outstanding performance from all the girls. The best we’ve seen yet.

“They all really got in to the ‘cheer spirit’ of the day, supporting each other and all the other school teams after their performance.

“We’re very proud of their achievements.”

Categories entered were:

Cheerleading KS4 level 3 (Alder Grange Cats)Β – gaining 1st place, under coaches Lisa Archer and Fayhe Mitchell.

Street cheer KS4 level 1(Alder Grange Beasts)Β – gaining 3rd place, under coach – Fayhe Mitchell.

Pom dance KS 3 level 1(Alder Grange Cats)Β – gaining 6th place, under coaches Kathy Lucas and Alex Stokes (who are Alder Grange sixth formers).

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