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Sporting Dynamite

It has been a busy and very hectic period for Sporting Dynamite this year as the club has taken on natural expansion in particular in the Teenies and Junior A age groups and with the addition of a new Seniors squad the club has finally developed a sound footing for the future.

It’s been great to welcome new faces and sad to watch others leave as they move out of the area due to regeneration but the club moves on and this year has been our strongest so far.

I was recently asked if all the Sporting Dynamite children were mine? I know that I am getting on a bit (50 this year) but No they are not! But after I finished laughing and got over the initial shock I realised what a lucky person I have been over the last few years, they do feel like my own children but fortunately I only get the best bits and I get to give them back after a couple of hours.  I would be proud to call any one of them my own and feel really honoured that the parents trust me with their children, it’s a great feeling.

I would also like to say that without the help of all the coaches, the helpers various funding organisations and in particular the continued support of my wife (Julie) and family none of this would have been possible.

We have done great things with Sporting Dynamite, so much that it’s no longer just a club; It’s a family!

Alan Massey

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