Northern Ireland Cheerleading Squad

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Northern Ireland Cheerleading Squad

Following the 2010 success of N.Irelands first National Dance and Cheerleading Teams, the Squad Director and Coaching Team invite Cheerleaders to attend auditions for 2011 selection.

Saturday 20th August 2011
venue Antrim Forum 10am to 2pm
£20 per candidate

Places will be offered upon successful performance of criteria on the day for the following:

Junior Dance Team – 10 to 15 yrs
Junior Cheerleading Team – 10 to15 yrs
Candidates must not have reached their 15th birthday by 1st August 2011

Senior Dance Team – 15 to 30yrs
Senior Cheerleading Team – 15 to 30yrs
Candidates must not have reached their 30th birthday by 1st August 2011

Requirements for Dance Teams:
Front Splits both legs

Box Splits

Requirements for Cheerleading Teams:
Mimimum Tumbling level:


Walkover front / back


Front Splits both legs

Box Splits
Must be currently active within a club in execution of Stunts and Tumbling skills
NOTE: Put this date in your diary…………………….
Application forms will be available June 2011

Northern Ireland get ready, start preparations now for All Star Auditions, be a part of our Home Nation Teams.

Audition date and requirements and age of entry may be subject to change at the discretion of The Squad Director
Karen Graham
Home Nation Squad Director
UKCA Representative

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