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UKCA on TalkSport

Legal Director John Stone was interviewed live on Talk Sport radio on 29 July. He was asked for his reaction to the USA court ruling that Cheerleading was not a sport.

“Of course its a sport” he told listeners, “that case was decided purely on the particular circumstances involved, set against the complex background of US collegiate sport. It has no bearing on competitive Cheerleading outside US colleges. ICU continues to press for recognition by Sport Accord & IOC”.

Asked about the impact of Glee on Cheerleading numbers in the UK he responded “We are happy to see any TV programme or film that portrays the sport in a good light. However we believe UKCA’s work in introducing Cheerleading in every school in the country has more long term effect on participant numbers.”

You can listen to the interview here. You will need to click on the 14:00 – 15:00 Green button to the right of the player window. John’s interview starts at around 39 minutes.

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