UKCA continues to deliver the ‘Gold Standard’ in Coaching

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UKCA continues to deliver the ‘Gold Standard’ in Coaching

UKCA has teamed up with Fresh Fit to offer SSCo’s promotional Cheerleading sessions prior to delivering courses in to schools in the South East. Fresh Fit continues to maintain the Cheerleading ‘Gold Standard’ by introducing UKCA coaching skills. The UKCA training pathway is specifically aimed at teachers with little or no dance or gymnastic background. Our Basic Skills course offers a foundation for the techniques on which we build up to Advanced Skills. UKCA offer stunt workshops and competitions at every skill level throughout the year, updating coaches with all the latest combinations for this seasons routines.

The success of Cheerleading in schools and clubs has given rise to local competitions.

If you want to know more about Cheerleading and how to get your school or community clubs organising festivals and competitions, get in touch today. You can contact us by email on

Bedfordshire County Schools Cheerleading Competition
8th March 2010 UKCA & Fresh Fit

The competition took place at Sandy Upper School, Bedfordshire on Monday 8th March 2010 and was a huge success. Over 300 children from 17 schools took part in the competition and workshops run by the UK Cheerleading Association. Congratulations to Biddenham Upper and Burgoyne Middle schools, the winners on the day and to Stratton Upper and Alban Middle schools for winning the much coveted Spirit Award. Well done to all Cheerleaders and staff involved.

Cheerleading Workshop – Devon Hosted by UKCA’s South West Representative Bev Spragg

Devon Cheerleading WorkshopDevon Cheerleading Workshop

Six schools attend the Cheerleading Workshop coordinated by our south west representative at the South Dartmoor College in Devon. They all had a fantastic time! Check out those T arm motions on mass! Well done Devon. “We are proud of you – Say – We are proud of you”.

If you’re in Devon and you want to find out more contact Bev her email is

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