Working in partnership with British Gymnastics

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Working in partnership with British Gymnastics

[UPDATE] As of the 1st of October 2010 UKCA is no longer working in partnership with British Gymnastics

As a result of in depth discussions with British Gymnastics and feed-back from our Members we are pleased toΒ  announce the exciting changes to UKCA Membership, Subscriptions and Competitions that will come into effect 1st January 2010.

1. Membership of UKCA as a Coach or Cheerleader will be FREE for 2010. However, you will need to register your details – please click here to register for free now.

2. Your free membership will not include Coach and Cheerleader Insurance. You can either renew your membership to British Gymnastics which will include Insurance or make your own separate Insurance arrangements. Links to Companies that can provide you with the appropriate Insurance for your needs can be found on our website from 7th Dec.

3. All UKCA Competitions for 2010 will be ‘Open Events.’ All Cheerleading Clubs are invited to attend provided they have pre-registered (appropriate insurance will be required).
UKCA Competitions will continue to provide the only route to ECC(European) and ICU(International) Competitions.

4. UKCA will remain an Affiliate Association of British Gymnastics and will continue to deliver Coaching, Tutor and Judges Courses, UKCA Events will continue to be endorsed by British Gymnastics.

5. If you wish to renew your British Gymnastic membership please contact

You DO NOT need to be a member of British Gymnastics to join UKCA or take part in our Competitions. Please note we CAN’T help you with British Gymnastics membership enquiries.

We will keep you updated throughout 2010 about all our news and events and look forward to seeing you at our Nationals – March 20th and 21st at the Manchester Velodrome. You will be able to register your squad for this competition online from the 1st of January 2010 – we will send you further details then.

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