SportCheer GB to represent British Cheerleading around the world

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SportCheer GB to represent British Cheerleading around the world

At a meeting held between senior representatives of the British Cheerleading Association (BCA), Scotcheer and the United Kingdom Cheerleading Association (UKCA) it was agreed that a united over-arching, not for profit, organisation is needed to represent Cheerleaders from UK/GB in the world arena. Such an organisation has now been formed and will be known as SportCheerGB.

SportCheerGB is a collective body formed from the three long standing, member based, nonprofit organisations in Cheerleading (BCA, Scotcheer, UKCA) Each organisation will provide representatives to Sport Cheer GB.
The main purposes of SportCheerGB will be to extend governance over Cheerleading in the UK and the representation of our member Cheerleaders to the relevant International Sports bodies.

This will greatly aid the submissions to Sport England to have Cheerleading recognised as a Sport.

In particular to maintain the integrity and credibility of SportCheerGB and the represented Cheerleaders other world cheerleading organizations are requested to advise SportCheerGB of all actual and proposed activities in the UK/GB before those activities take place.

The unified federation “SportCheerGB” is the official recognised sole voice of cheerleading in Great Britain/United Kingdom and was ratified on the 29th April 2009 by the following organisations.

IASF WorldsInternational Cheer UnionUS All Star Federation

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